Oct 20 2015

Hi. I’m alive.

Oh, forgive me — I know it’s been almost a year since I last posted here. (I enjoy pretending that people actually read this blog; it makes me feel special. But at least one or two of you actually DO check in on this thing from time to time, right?)

I have no good excuse except that I suck at blogging, and I refuse to sugar-coat that truth.

Another truth, though, is that my life has been in a bit of upheaval over the past year or so — OK, not a bit, actually a TON of upheaval. Two of my pets died within months of each other, which was obviously devastating for me. I’d had Joon (the kitty) since she was a kitten, and her illness came on unexpectedly and I had to put her to sleep after a week of torture. She was 16 and pretty much my baby, so it’s been quite hard adjusting to life without her. Three months before that, I had to put my dog Henny to sleep, which was also horrific. I’d only had Henny for six years, but she was my Very First Dog and was a very special girl.

In addition to those losses, I’ve had to move twice within the last 8 months, and I’ve been having some career ups, downs, and uncertainties, as well as feeling all the feelings and asking all the questions about my life goals, aims, and all-around LIFE’S PURPOSE. Blah blah blah, insert boring existential-angsty stuff here.

I’ve been continuing to write, though, as much as I’m able. Here are a few things I’ve worked on that you might want to check out.

*** I helped Lauren Urasek write her new book Popular: The Ups and Downs of Online Dating From the Most Popular Woman in New York City. It’s a fun, light-hearted book of essays about the pain, shame, splendor, squalor, and everything in between when it comes to Tinder, OkCupid, Hinge, and all that annoying modern romantic nonsense. YOU REALLY WANT TO BUY A COPY RIGHT HERE AND RIGHT NOW, I THINK.

*** I have another new book coming out in 2016! It’s a book about 50 awesome women who changed the world, and it’s aimed primarily at younger women, but EVERYONE CAN AND SHOULD ENJOY IT. It’s called Fight Like a Girl, and you can pre-order it here.

*** Last November I wrote this very personal piece for the New York Times‘ Motherlode blog that I was quite happy with. It was my first NY Times byline, though I hope to eventually write more for them, obvs.

*** I published an essay in the print version of Marie Claire magazine back in August (you can read it online here). It was my first piece for them, and it felt like a nice milestone of sorts. Seeing my byline in a gorgeous glossy I’ve been reading on newsstands for years certainly hasn’t gotten old for me (probably because it hasn’t happened that many times yet!).

*** I still write for Refinery29 a bunch, though sadly not as much as I did last year (sh*t’s been busy). Check out some of my recent work over there.

*** I’m writing for Yahoo! Style more these days. Check out one of my favorite pieces for them, about that powerful Bill Cosby New York Magazine cover.