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Nov 25

Not much to say about the events of yesterday…

…that hasn’t already been said exceptionally well by others. But yes, I too am heartbroken and utterly disheartened by the Ferguson decision that finally came down last night. Can’t stop stewing over it. Of course we all feared and suspected that this is the way it would turn out in the end, but I guess I naively held on to a tiny sliver of hope that some modicum of decency and humanity might win out, just this once.

Wrong wrong wrong. Again again again.

Also disturbed and saddened by Marissa Alexander’s plea deal — though of course I’m happy she’ll soon(ish) escape the prison she shouldn’t have been in in the first place, it seems profoundly unfair that she’ll be on probation for two years, that this unjust ordeal can’t be fully over for her yet. I understand why she took the deal, though, when facing down an impossibly vicious, incompetent prosecutor who seemed to want nothing more than to punish her, to the utmost extent possible, for a perfectly justifiable action Alexander was forced to take to protect herself against the husband who’d brutally abused her (and other women).

When will this shit stop? Again, am I naive for believing it could possibly end or even improve at any point in the foreseeable future? What are you doing to process all of this?