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Dec 22

December update on what I’ve been working on…

Happy holidaze, you guys.

I’m crazy busy working on two book projects at the moment, but I’ve been trying to squeeze in as much freelance writing as I can, too, because HUSTLE. Here’s some fun stuff I’ve written lately:

– “My Dark, Twisted Online Relationship” (COSMOPOLITAN mag — print only — Jan. 2015 issue! Go buy it right this second!)

–  The Year in Reproductive Rights (check out all the crazy comments! Good fun.)

Feminist Vampire Movies R Us 

James Deen on Why Porn Stars Shouldn’t Have to Wear Condoms

 Your Very Own Holiday Tipping Primer, Because None of Us Really Know WTF We’re Doing When It Comes to Tipping, Right?

I’m a Survivor of Domestic Abuse, and I’m a Dude

Men Check Out My Dog More Than Me (Sadface)

Jul 02

Madonna and Me now on Facebook; other things of note

Latest things of note:

1. I made a Facebook page for Madonna and Me!  Please “like” it (but only if you want to get updates on the book, of course). It really wants to be liked.

2. My friend Rachel Kramer Bussel wrote a nice blog post about being excited to read M and M. You should check it out. And check out Rachel’s site, too! She is an awesome, prolific writer and a master anthologist.

Things with the book are coming along well. The first draft is almost done and I’ll be turning it in this month. (Of course, I still need to write MY Madonna essay — but It. Will. Happen.) Can’t wait til March! Only, um, 9 months to go… Le sigh!