Fight Like a Girl: 50 Feminists Who Changed the World (Zest Books, March 2016)

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Nearly every day there’s another news story, think piece, or pop cultural anecdote related to feminism and women’s rights. Conversations around consent, equal pay, access to contraception, and a host of other issues are foremost topics of conversation in American media. And today’s teens are encountering these issues from a different perspective than any generation has before— but what’s often missing from the current discussion is an understanding of how we’ve gotten to this place. Fight Like a Girl introduces readers to the history of feminist activism in the U.S. in an effort to celebrate those who paved the way and draw attention to those who are working hard to further the feminist cause today.


“With its punchy language and sound-bite slogans, Laura Barcella’s Fight Like a Girl may be written for a young-adult audience, but it’s worth a read at any age … [it] will inspire further feminist exploration for years to come.”–BUST

“The feminist history book everyone should read. . . Way cooler than any history book. . . Meant to be fun enough for both teens and adults to get into, the book educates readers not only about women’s rights, but also race and transgender rights, all of which are intertwined.”–Metro US

“[A] snappy portrayal of feminist history. . . A worthy introduction of the feminist teen and an excellent choice for Women’s History Month.” —School Library Journal

“The inclusion of trans women, celebrity performers, and women who assert a lack of comfort with feminism add to the book’s inclusivity and make it even more likely to spur stimulating discussions.”–Booklist

“[C]ombines profiles  of influential women, from Mary Wollstonecraft to Beyonce, with portraits, sidebars and memorable quotes.”– Tampa Bay Times

“Although Fight Like a Girl: 50 Feminists Who Changed the World is written especially for young adults and teenagers, adults will also find this biographical-snapshot compilation of women who dared to make the world a better place enlightening. . . Highly recommended.” —Children’s Bookwatch

“[C]oncise but eloquent. . . [A] wide-ranging tribute to trailblazing women.”–Publishers Weekly


OMG: A Keepsake Journal of Off-the-Wall Q&As (Sterling Children’s Publishing, Jan. 2015)


OMG! This journal is great. Kids will love the wonderfully quirky questions, creatively offbeat drawing activities, and fun handwriting fonts on every page. What’s your favorite song…that your parents hate? Draw a scene from your last dream. Describe the sound of your crush’s voice. At the end, tweens and teens will have a cool collection of personal stories and pictures to cherish forever.


BFF: A Keepsake Journal of Q&As for Best Friends (by Laura Barcella (Sterling Children’s Publishing, Jan. 2015)

bff front cover

Tweens know: everything is better when you do it with your BFF. That’s why this super-fun keepsake journal will become their favorite. It’s got an awesome question-and-answer format specially created for best friends to fill out together, plus loads of drawing prompts and activities just meant for two.


Madonna & Me: Women Writers on the Queen of Pop (Mar. 2012, Soft Skull Press)

In this acclaimed nonfiction anthology, nearly 40 female authors including Gloria Feldt, Caroline Leavitt, Bee Lavender, Wendy Shanker, and Susan Shapiro write about how Madonna changed their lives.


“Madonna & Me is like a homecoming.” — Debbie Stoller, co-founder & editor-in-chief, BUST magazine

“Finally, an anthology that speaks to the blisteringly potent influence Madonna has had on women of our generation. — Julie Klausner, author of I Don’t Care About Your Band

“If you’ve forgotten why you should worship Madge, this hilarious, provocative collection is like a prayer to the patron saint of girl power.” — Jennifer Baumgardner, author of Manifesta

VIDEO: “Writers Strike A Prose With “Madonna And Me” Anthology,” by Stephanie Simon, NY1

“In Madonna & Me, 39 female essayists, including ELLE contributor Cintra Wilson and New Yorker TV critic Emily Nussbaum, reflect on the Madonna phenom, from one writer’s pre-K hunt for the perfect cone bra to another’s Madonna-inspired dedication to fitness.” – ELLE

“It’s pretty fun and amazing to see how both [editor Laura Barcella] and Madonna have succeeded in uniting a bunch of very different women—from the brainy and always wonderful Emily Nussbaum … to the heartbreaking story of Bee Lavender, who, just into her teenaged years, copes with multiple forms of body-mutilating cancer by taking cover in Madonna.” – The Atlantic

The End: 50 Apocalyptic Visions From Pop Culture That You Should Know About…Before It’s Too Late  (Zest Books, July 2012)
You’ve probably heard rumors that the end of the world will happen in the year 2012. But people have been making predictions about how and when the world is going to end for ages. The End is a fun, comprehensive, pop-culture read about the 50 top movies, books, songs, comics, artworks, and plays—from the movie Shaun of the Dead to the pop song “It’s the End of the World as We Know It”—that were created about the apocalypse.


“Readers who voraciously consume apocalypse-themed YA novels should feel right at home with this guide to end-of-days scenarios, as depicted in pop culture.”Publishers Weekly

“An entertaining and fascinating compendium of doomsday scenarios…An amusing, informative look at apocalyptic pop culture.”Kirkus Reviews


Voya magazine’s 2012 Nonfiction Honor list

Nominated as a Quick Pick for Reluctant Young Readers by the American Library Association / YALSA

An official Flamingnet Top Choice Award Book