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  • “In Madonna & Me, 39 female essayists, including ELLE contributor Cintra Wilson and New Yorker TV critic Emily Nussbaum, reflect on the Madonna phenom, from one writer’s pre-K hunt for the perfect cone bra to another’s Madonna-inspired dedication to fitness.” ELLE 
  • “It’s pretty fun and amazing to see how both [editor Laura Barcella] and Madonna have succeeded in uniting a bunch of very different women—from the brainy and always wonderful Emily Nussbaum … to the heartbreaking story of Bee Lavender, who, just into her teenaged years, copes with multiple forms of body-mutilating cancer by taking cover in Madonna.”  The Atlantic
  • “A collection of smart, witty and sometimes revelatory essays, the book takes for granted the idea that Madonna has had a profound effect on all of our lives, not just those of the contributors.”Ms. Magazine
  • “This distinctive collection explores Madonna’s enduring impact on contemporary culture…with more than three dozen original essays in which women reveal—with intelligence, wit, and honesty—how the pop icon influenced them…to gain personal confidence, develop an increased awareness of life’s nuances, sort through questions ranging from religious to sexual, define everything from womanhood to personal style, cope with loss, take risks, and discover how to live life on their own terms.”Library Journal
  • “Until now, there has never been an anthology devoted exclusively to women writing about [Madonna]…. In the introduction there’s a striking phrase that sums up what that attachment to Madonna feels like to Barcella and many of the writers: ‘Her freedom is our freedom.'”Capital New York
  • “These essays… amplify the influence [Madonna] had on a generation. … [They] reveal that Madonna’s mix of spirituality and raw sensuality had a considerable impact in shaping attitudes.” Publishers Weekly
  •  “What I learned from Madonna & Me is that Madonna had a truly profound impact on a lot of women, and was a beacon of hope, a role model, an icon and an inspiration, regardless of whether one agrees with everything she does.”HelloGiggles
  • “The theme of Madonna’s motherhood reoccurs throughout Madonna & Me, with all the conflicting messages that entails… Many contributors first look to Madonna as a (sexual, spiritual, professional) ‘mother,’ only to grow frustrated or disappointed with, and ultimately apart from her over the years. Yet, they suggest, we still seek her out, almost despite ourselves, as a touchstone of ideal femininity.”BUST
  • “It’s been fascinating to read the stories of women writers who grew up imitating her style, questioning religion as a result of her music, and asking themselves, ‘What would Madonna do?’ when faced with major life decisions.”Flavorwire
  •  “Many of these essays pull off the difficult trick of being both critical and loving, gracious and sharp… [managing] to reveal just as much about the writer as the subject.” – Feminists For Choice

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The End: Press & Praise


“Readers who voraciously consume apocalypse-themed YA novels should feel right at home with this guide to end-of-days scenarios, as depicted in pop culture.”Publishers Weekly

“An entertaining and fascinating compendium of doomsday scenarios…An amusing, informative look at apocalyptic pop culture.”Kirkus Reviews

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  • A Flamingnet Top Choice Award Book
  • VOYA Nonfiction Honors List 2012


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